South Baltic Academy of Independent Theatre – a Tool of Social Change

Project’s implementation description and methodology



Małgorzata Polakowska

Natalia Wiśniewska

Gitana Gugevičiūtė

Ida Bocian

Marta Wieczorek


As I sat down to write this introduction, I was myself experiencing the inevitable emptiness  slowly overwhelming me brought about by the realisation that this indeed was the end of three years of BAIT. Three years of total domination by youth, spontaneity, sensitivity and creativity must result in a sense of emptiness after they are gone. But no! There is a feeling of concern and anxiety for the several dozen people, as to whether they will be able to cope in the Arts, if they will be determined, consistent, and talented enough. If what they received from us will become a good tool of perception and a means of interpreting reality, of developing a sensitivity to others, finally, of introducing positive changes, awakening a consciousness of humanistic ideas towards: thought, the word, beauty and emotion. However, all this is still ahead of them. All I can do, is watch…

Three years ago, when we started the project, we knew what goals and the task we wanted to fulfil; we knew what the educational process would entail. First year, building the community, uniting the students and initiating in them the process of acquiring body and voice awareness, developing their imagination and intuition. Second year, beginning the creative process, eliminating psychological barriers, transforming complexes into values, initiating text based work, developing decision-making skills (the appropriate decisions), improving acting, directing and dramaturgic skills. A very difficult year, in short, rapid pace, a multitude of elements, and many, many emotions. Third year, independent creative and didactic work. An even more difficult year. The end.


We succeeded in realising the task according to the plan. Together, the organizers, lecturers and students climbed a mountain, a huge mountain. The language and cultural barriers have faded. We have started to learn from and inspire each other, we have developed trust and respect towards one another. We created a community of sensitive and wise people, ready to work for the benefit of others.

And what about me?

I have been given a lot of warmth, respect and trust. I was able to observe the changes taking place as each student’s art evolved, developed, and matured. How they themselves grew in terms of personality and increased their potential. Participation in a process of this kind is a great personal experience and a tremendous investment in individual development.


Thank you for everything.

Ewa Ignaczak

BAIT Education Program Supervisor