Workshop conducted by III year students as part of the BAIT project



Below I give you some information, pertaining to the realisation of the first of the tasks that are your diploma work in BAIT Academy – and that is the theatrical workshops.

  1. Find a group of people for whom you are going to organize and conduct your workshop. If you have any problems with this part please write to us at or to Sandra Mazulyte at We will do our best to help you. If you need any kind of recommendation we will also help you with that.
  2. Before you conduct your workshop you need to send us your prospect/outline of it. Only after we approve your plan can you start your workshop. Please send the outline to or Please do not send it via Facebook or Skype.
  3. The minimum amount of the workshop’s hours is 15, and the minimum amount of participants is 10 people. Of course, the workshop may be given to more people and it may last longer.
  4. You are obliged to document your workshops. Below you will find enclosed an attendance list, workshop evaluation questionnaire and report on the implementation of the workshop.
  6. The attendance list should be signed every day of the workshop – this will serve as documentation and as proof of how many people took part in your workshop. Bellow you have a list enclosed, you can modify the file. Your attendants have to sign the list themselves each day of the workshop.

We will attach copies of these lists to the report we give every half year to South Baltic Programme, and they will be part of the basis on which the Programme validates each part of the BAIT project.

  1. Workshop evaluation questionnaire – You can modify this as well. If you will be working with very small children (ones who cannot read or write), you will tailor the questionnaire to your workshop, so that the parents of the children are able to fill it out. If the kids will be small, but they are able to read and write, you can limit the questionnaire to closed questions (1-4 and 8). The questionnaires should be filled in in your national languages, or languages of your participants.

The workshop evaluation questionnaires are a very important part of the documentation, thanks to them you will be able to check if you conducted your workshop the way you wanted to, or if it needs slight alterations in the future.

  1. Report on the implementation of the workshop – this needs to be filled out by you (and delivered as a doc, docx or odt file), once you finish the workshop. We want to encourage you to share your observations and your thoughts – they will help us give you appropriate hints and clues for the future. Please deliver the report in English and send it to us not later than 21 days after your workshop finishes. Along with the report please give us 10 pictures (jpg – files), of you conducting the workshop, so of you and your participants in action.
  2. It is very important, for you to inform the participants of your workshops, that they are a part of the “South Baltic Academy of Independent Theatre – a tool of social change” project, co-financed by “South Baltic” Programme.
  3. The deadline for the workshops to be fully conducted is: 30.06.2014.
  4. Please send us the workshop report, pictures, and scans of the attendance lists and workshop evaluation questionnaires not later than 21 days after your workshop ends, to: and If the documentation does not reach us in this time, we will not give you credit for the work you did.
  5. If you will need help with one or more stages of the workshop, please contact us and we will gladly help you. Also if we will happen to be in the vicinity of the place you will be conducting your actions, we may drop in on you to see how well you are doing.
  6. The documents you will find enclosed are in English, so please translate them on your own into the language you need them to be.

Good luck!