A tool of social change - BAIT movie

“A tool of social change” – documentary movie made for an international socio-educational-artistic project: „South Baltic Academy Of Independent Theatre – a tool of social change”.

Between the meetings

The latest meeting of the BAIT project was held in Klaipeda, it concluded the first year of the academy. This time the classes which took hold of most of our days there were the physical classes – designed to develop body awareness, and voice classes – these helped the students on stage.

The World

„The World”      

Based on motifs of Rig Veda hymn „About the creation of the World”

direction: Ramunas Kaubrys (Lithuania)

script: Ramunas Kaubrys (Lithuania)

The Raven

„The Raven”

based on a poem „The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

directors: Ruta Bunikyte (Lithuania) and the students

script: Ruta Bunikyte (Lithuania)

Fractions of Kordian. A workshop.

Fractions of Kordian. A workshop.

based on “Kordian” by Juliusz Słowacki

direction: Bartosz Zaczykiewicz

script: Bartosz Zaczykiewicz



based on Bobok by Fiodor Dostoyevsky

direction: Ewa Ignaczak

script: Ewa Ignaczak

Lithuanian newspaper reported ...

Several articles have appeared in Lithuanian newspapers and portals about our

Diploma Performances of BAIT

The premiers will be presented on 07 January 2013. They are the outcome of the students’ first year of education. Four directors, four acting troupes, four different performances. All of the plays are based on literary texts.

VII BAIT meeting

The students have already covered 8 months of hard phisical training, and are slowly approaching public presentations of their achievements.

After the V and VI BAIT meeting

We have concluded yet another BAIT meeting, the past ones exposed the uniqueness of the students. Their abilities in certain fields slowly transpire. New dance and scene dialogues are being started.