BAIT FEST- timetable


We would like to invite you to a five day long celebration of creativity, a festival of artistic diversity within which youth, passion, imagination and commitment combine in creating an explosive concoction.

The events will take place in:

Teatr na Plaży, al. Mamuszki 2 in Sopot

and in

Teatr Gdynia Główna, Plac Konstytucji 1, Gdynia Central railway station (platform -1).



23.09.2014/ TUESDAY

Czas trwania

Gdynia 20:30


Marek Elsner


60 min

24.09.2014/ WEDNESDAY

Gdynia 16:00

„ A strange Tuesday of Benjamin Bengtsson”

Christoffer Simebjär Tagesson

video recording

30 min

„Production” Dominika Grenda

video recording

20 min

„Flue Jab Day”

Penny Shefton

video recording

45 min

„The Devoured”

Przemek Jurewicz

video recording

30 min


Aiva Krupelytė

Saida Saldukaitė

video recording

45 min

25.09.2014 / THURSDAY

Gdynia 16:00

„Mock up and Utopia. Theatrical Essay”

Iwona Konecka


20 min


Ewelina Jasicka

dramatic reading

30 min


Baha Ciach


60 min

Sopot 20:00

„ Robert and Anna”

Ola Bengtsson

theatrical play

90 min

26.09.2014 / FRIDAY

Gdynia 16:00

“ Blood Ties”

Piotr Rogalski

dramatic reading

60 min

Sopot 19:00


Alessandra Cali,

Dance theatre play

20 min

" Von Bingen. A true Story. "

Sandra Szwarc, Błażej Tachasiuk

theatrical play

40 min

27.09.2014 / SATURDAY

Sopot 16:00

„Five songs to love”

Rosa Auf Der Strasse


20 min


Iwona Prusko

Short film

5 min

„Analysis” and “To the Other Side”

Marek Głuszczak

Short films

11 min

„120% of me-before I capitulate”

Monika Hołubowicz

spektakl Teatru Forum

120 min