BAIT FEST 23-27.09.2014

We would like to invite you to a five day long celebration of creativity, a festival of artistic diversity within which youth, passion, imagination and commitment combine in creating an explosive concoction.

BAIT FEST concludes South Baltic Academy of Independent Theatre – a tool of social change. Throughout the three years of the international project, the participants acquired knowledge and mastered their abilities within many artistic disciplines. The goal was to train animators of culture, who would be comprehensively educated artists, and at the same time be prepared to conduct their work in different environments. During BAIT FEST they will present their accomplishments – short films, performances, dramatic readings of plays, theatrical plays, video recordings of theatrical plays, a mini-recital and an exhibition.


23.09.2014 /tuesday/



Marek Elsner

exibition, 60 min

A series of portraits inspired by the characters from „Bobok” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. An invitation to the underground life of the dead, full of secret discussions, voices and whispers.

24.09.2014 /wednesday/


„A strange Tuesday with Benjamin Bengtson”

direction: Christoffer Simebjär Tagesson

video recording of a theatrical play, 30 min

The play is a story of Benjamin, a pensioner, a sensitive man with many dreams, who as many others has been excluded, he ended up on outskirts of his community. Alone, he is tormented by his past.


Idea and execution: Dominika Grenda

video recording of a performance, 20 min

The performance touches upon the subject of overconsumption, at the same time it attacks the process of food production. The actions of the artist are a response to the frequented in the media topic of the attitude of the producers towards their produce and that to the unsuspecting consumer.


direction: Penny Shefton

video recording of a theatrical play, 45 min

It’s that time of year again when surgeries around the country are holding their annual inoculation drive against the vicious flu bug.  At a certain surgery, certain members of the local community are gathering to have their injection.  First things first though, and that’s the bread shop - or is today different from the usual routine?

The Devoured

choreography and direction: Przemek Jurewicz

video recording of a physical theater play, 30 min

„The devoured” is a creative pastiche, a video interpretation of a series of works by Bartosz Kokosiński. The artists demonstrate the process of formulating a thought, the outcome of which is “A picture devouring the reality”. The dancers draw a thin line between desire and fulfilment, the want of evil and the will, in an effort to behave ethically.


idea and direction: Aiva Krupelytė, Saida Saldukaitė

idea and choreography: Saida Saldukaitė, Aiva Krupėlytė

video recording of dance theater play, 45 min

In the performance we see the embodiment of three crafts, fishing, bread making and meat preparation. It focuses on exposing the difference between reality and commercial beauty.

25.09.2014 /thursday/


“Mock-up and Utopia. Theatrical essay.”

idea and execution: Iwona Konecka

performance, 20 min

An invitation to a thought experiment discussing the current social and cultural reality. The essay is inspired by the texts of contemporary Polish poets: Szczepan Kopyt, Jasiej Kapela, Marcin Pryta and Kondrad Góra.


text and direction: Ewelina Jasicka

dramatic reading, 20 min

„Patchwork” is the outcome of seeing more and more families fall apart, and then trying to becoming whole again assembling themselves from different parts. The lively Miss Ribbon, worn as a headband by her adoptive mother, leads the main character through the difficult time of entering a new family.


idea and execution: Baha Ciach

performance, 60 min

The work borders on theatre and performance art. Coexistence and remembering about it, relationships in the time of crisis and uncertainty in the time of division. For Ukraine.

20:00 / SOPOT

“Robert and Anna”

John Ola Bengtsson

theatrical play, 90 min

It is a new, experimental drama about a complicated relationship of Anna and Robert, about their life and personalities, presented in several scenes from their lives. The play is very serious and very funny at the same time.

26.09.2014 /friday/


„Blood ties”

directed and written by: Piotr Rogalski

dramatic reading, 60 min

„Blood ties” on the one hand is a crime puzzle immersed in a haze of absurd, on the other – it is a story of inert people, numb to life and the suffering of those closest to them.

19:00 / SOPOT


Written, directed and choreographed by: Alessandra Cali, music: collage

dance theatre 20 min

Transient body enmeshed in a journey, in the flow of a moment resisting whatever happens to it. Told in a pure language, image after image in the dimension of the unconscious and the unconfessed fears of being.

"Von Bingen. Historia prawdziwa"

theatrical play 40 min

script: Sandra Szwarc, direction: Błażej Tachasiuk

The play is inspired by the life of St. Hildegard of Bingen, anchorite and composer. The play shows how a person placed in confinement and devoid of contact with the world finds their way to freedom in their inner life.

27.09.2014 / saturday/


“Five songs to love”

mini-recital and music video to a song by Ken Ring, 20 min

music, lyrics: Rosa Auf Der Strasse


script, video direction, choreography and dance: Rosa Auf Der Strasse

music video, 4 min

The video touches upon the topics of self-identification and finding a place to call home.


idea, direction and execution of the puppet: Iwona Prusko

short film, 5 min

Theatrical etude with an object – puppet – in the leading role.

Will needs to decide whether to last idly or to struggle? To take a risk and make a move or spend his life hiding his head in the sand? The goal is becoming clear. The time is now.

„Analysys”, „To the other side!”

script and direction: Marek Głuszczak

short films, 11 min


A boy stands in a bus stop. He notices a beautiful girl sitting on a bench. Should he talk to her? Why not? Apart from them there is no one, he won’t make a fool of himself in front of anyone other than themselves. The other thing is, his bus is leaving in just a minute.

“To the other side!”

Two representatives of the male species: a father and son. The first one sits at work in front of his computer, the second enjoys his life and is looking for a treasure, his father once must have once been looking for himself.

“120% of me-before I capitulate”

Script and direction: Monika Hołubowicz

Forum Theater play, 120 min

A Forum theatre play exposing the difficulties artists and animators of culture have to face daily. A story about dilemmas, dreams, ambitions and crises of creators. Waves of enthusiasm, after which a brisk collision with reality ensues.